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Environmental Health Specialists and Consultants

Welcome to Pacific Environmental Ltd your specialist Environmental Health consultants highly qualified with a diverse range of experience in the Pacific, partner with us in creating a healthier and sustainable future for all Solomon Islanders and the Pacific community.

About us

Pacific Environmental Ltd. is an environmental health organisation that stands out as a specialist and an environmental health consultancy that prioritises our clients, dedicating ourselves to delivering quality outcomes throughout the entire project lifecycle. We are consisted of Australian and the Solomon Islands. Our qualified and experienced Environmental Health specialists and consultants are committed to implementing essential environmental health services in the Solomon Islands and other neighbouring Pacific Island Nations.

Our mission aligns with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards, addressing the fundamental requirements for a healthier pacific community. Our commitment is rigorous and adheres to global standards for environmental health, transparency and accountable project management through sustainable solutions for long-term impact.

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 We are your trusted partner in Environmental Health services

  • Since 2009, we've been dedicated to serving the Pacific community with open and transparent practices. Our operations are backed by rigorous scientific practices, ensuring the highest standards.
  • We have a proven track record in delivering successful Environmental Health projects
  • We operate with transparent financial practices and reporting on projects
  • In all areas possible sustainable practices are employed to ensure  local communities are prioritised